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Welcome to my site. All dvds/tapes are for trade and judged on a scale of 1-10. Anything rated 5 is considered poor but still watchable. Videos rated below that must be traded at your own risk. All ratings are subjective.

This section features promotional behind the scenes videos captured from cable, tv and electronic press kits.



24 Heaven A UK documentary on the show "24" includes comments from cast and crew. 9.5/10

24 The Post Mortem A UK documentary on fan reaction to the final episode on the last day of season 1 of "24." Includes comments from cast and crew. 9.5/10

24 Access All Areas Behind the scenes documentary on season 2 of 24. 10/10

24 Inside 7.5/10

Star Inside 8 Simple Rules 8.5/10

Alias Declassified Behind the scenes 10/10

Andy Richter Controls the Universe: Making of 45 min. 10/10

Angel Hypaspace (Behind the Scenes) 10/10

On the Edge of Blade Runner A rare BBC documentary on the making of Blade Runner. If you are a fan of the film then this is must have, as it contains footage and interviews never seen anywhere before now. 8/10

The Making of Babylon 5 8/10

Back to the Future Screen Tests Very nice outtake footage from the set. 7.5/10

The Making of Band of Brothers 10/10

The Making of Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker 15 min. 8/10

Holy Batmania: The Origin of Batman A rare 1989 documentary on the Batman tv show as well as the movie. Starring Adam West, Burt Ward and Yvonne Craig. 7/10

The Curse of the Blair Witch Documentary A behind the scenes look at the mystery behind the Blair Witch VHS (8/10)

The Making of Bad Taste/Meet the Feebles Interviews with a young Peter Jackson and a rare first time look at the making of both these films. Very rare. 7/10

Back to the Future Screen Tests Very nice outtake footage from the set. 7.5/10

E! Behind the Scenes of Bring it On 8/10

Holy Batmania Documentary 1989 7.5/10

BTVS: The Making of Buffy the Musical 7/10

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Hypaspace Special A visit to the set of Buffy during the shooting of season 7. Includes interviews and behind the scenes footage. 10/10

E! Women of Charmed 8/10

Charmed Behind the Magic Behind the scenes of season 5. 9/10

The Collector Behind the Scenes 9/10

The Making of Dellamorte Dellamore A behind the scenes look at the making of this funny and rare horror film. 7/10

HBO Making of Daredevil 10/10

E! Behind the Scenes of Daredevil 10/10

Daredevil Movie Buzz Behind the Scenes DVD 10/10

Dark Angel Tv Promos Some common and some rarely seen Dark Angel promos from season 1 to season 2. Includes a short behind the scenes featurette. 8/10

Star Inside Enterprise 9/10

The Incredibly Strange Film Show (Evil Dead) A great in depth look at how writer, director Sam Raimi and actor/producer Bruce Campbell got their start in Hollywood with the sucess of the Evil Dead movies. There are also clips of their early college films and some great interviews. Evil dead fans take note. (7/10)

Evil Dead: Fanalysis/Discovering Evil Dead Book of the dead dvd extras. 10/10

The Farscape Effect 9/10

Frighteners 4 Hour Documentary Behind the scenes, bloopers, outtakes, interviews and everything else you may have wanted to know about this film are all in here. 9/10

Halloween Unmasked 2000 Behind the scenes special on the first film from the OOP Halloween limited edition. 10/10

Hellraiser DVD Extras Brand new audio commentaries from Clive Barker, Peter Atkins and Ashley Laurence. Exclusive dvd making of featurette, "Resurrection." Theatrical trailer. 10/10

Hellraiser 2 DVD Extras Brand new audio commentaries from Ashley Laurence, Peter Atkins and director Tony Randel. Includes dvd exclusive making of featurette, "Lost in the Labyrinth." Theatrical trailer. 10/10

Highlander Tv Series Behind the Scenes 9/10

Highlander "The Celebration" Convention Video 9/10

The Making of Jackass the Movie 8.5/10

Jake 2.0 Behind the Scenes 10/10

Killing Zoe Home Video Rare camcorder footage on the set during the filming of the movie, "Killing Zoe," starring Eric Stolz and Julie Delpy. 8/10

The Making of Necromantik AKA Corpse Fucking Art. A rare behind the scenes look during the making of Necromantik 1 & 2. 7/10

The Making of Planet of the Apes Includes an early test reel, trailers, clips, makeup process for the apes and much more! 7.5/10

The Making of Private Parts Very rare behind the scenes special on the Howard Stern movie. Aired many years ago when the film came out. Over 20 minutes. 7/10

E! Behind the Scenes of Private Parts 7/10

The Making of the Professional 8/10

Roswell Tv Promos Various tv promos as well as some behind the scenes footage. 8/10

The Shield, Making of 45 min. 10/10

Showtime's Stargate Behind the Scenes 7/10

Spiderman Behind the Web 10/10

The Spider-man Story 10/10

Spiderman Video Press Conference 10/10

South Park Canned Ham Comedy Central Comedy Central special that went extensively behind the scenes on the making of South Park the movie and the careers of Trey Parker and Matt Stone. 8/10

South Park 5th Anniversary Party 90 minutes. Pay per view special. 10/10

Superman: The Early Years Behind the scenes of Smallville. 9.5/10

Star! Inside Smallville (Season 1) 8.5/10

Star! Inside Smallville (Season 2) 9.5/10

Star! Inside Stargate SG-1 (Season 6) 8/10

The Lowdown on Stargate SG-1 10/10

The Making of Superman 1 and 2 Outtakes, interviews, and behind the scenes footage. A complete look at the first 2 film not seen on the dvd. 90 minutes. 10/10

The Making of Superman III 5.5/10

Star Wars Auditions (ANH) 8.5/10

Star Trek TNG: "Birthright" Dailies 1 & 2 Outtakes and bloopers from this particular episode. 6.5/10

Star Inside Six Feet Under 10/10

Inside Taken 10/10

The Making of Terminator Interviews with James Cameron, Michael Beihn, Linda Hamilton and Arnold. There are many outtakes and alot of behind the scenes footage during the filming of a couple of action sequences. 10/10

E! True Hollywood Story: The Terminator 10/10

The Making of T2 3D Cable special that goes behind the scenes on the special effects and overall making of the ride. 8.5/10

The Making of Tracker A 24 minute behind the scenes video. 9/10

Transformers the Movie Trailer Includes deleted scenes as well as a basic behind the scenes look at the toys. Incredibly rare 9/10

Wonder Years: A&E Biography 8/10

WB Upfronts (2003) 8/10

Star Inside Without a Trace 10/10

Star Inside The West Wing Behind the scenes of the West Wing. 9/10

Xena: The Making of Gurkhan 7/10


Aliens Video Press Kit Done in the usual documentary style. Includes clips, interviews and special behind the scenes footage. 6.5/10

Alien 3 Video Press Kit 6.5/10

Army of Darkness Video Press Kit 9/10

Ally McBeal Video Press Kit 7/10

Black Hawk Down EPK 10/10

The Butterfly Effect EPK/font>

Cabin Fever EPK 10/10

Charmed EPK 8/10

Covington Cross Video Press Kit 50 min. 6.5/10

Dark Angel EPK 7.5/10

Daredevil EPK 10/10

Enterprise EPK 8/10

Felicity EPK 8.5/10

Final Fantasy EPK 9/10

Ghosts of the Abyss EPK 10/10

Grosse Pointe EPK 9/10

Gilmore Girls EPK 8.5/10

Girl Interupted EPK 10/10

Hellboy EPK 10/10

IKWYDLS EPK 50 minutes. 9/10

Loser EPK 10/10

Popular EPK 8.5/10

Phonebooth EPK 10/10

The Ring EPK 10/10

Roar EPK 7/10

Saving Private Ryan EPK 7/10

Sorority Boys EPK 8.5/10

Someone Like You EPK 10/10

Smallville EPK 8/10

Spider-man 2 EPK 10/10

Star Trek The Next Generation: "All Good Things" EPK 25 minutes. 8/10

Star Trek Insurrection EPK 60 minutes. 8.5/10

Star Trek Voyager 100th Episode EPK 6.5/10

Sliders EPK Appears to be a video press kit for season 3. 6.5/10

Simply Irresistible EPK Approximately 20 minutes. 9/10

Sorority Boys EPK 10/10

Terminator 2 EPK 10/10

That 70's Show EPK 9/10

Undeclared EPK 8.5/10

Underworld EPK 10/10

Wrong Turn EPK 10/10

X-Men Video Press Kit 10/10

X2 X-Men United Video Press Kit 10/10
X-Files Season 6 "Triangle" EPK
X-Files "The Unnatural" EPK
X-Files Behind the Scenes Special EPK
Gillian Anderson Extremis Music Video
The Secrets of the X-Files
David Duchovny SNL Behind the Scenes
Gillian Anderson Student Films
100th Episode Party
Songs in the Key of X Release Party
Bree Sharp Music Video Spoof

Zoe Duncan Jack and Jane EPK 8/10


1. Always tape in SP MODE! whether trading vhs or transferring from vhs to dvd.
2. The trade ratio is 1:1 for dvds and 4:1 for vcd
3. Do not record onscreen displays ie., play, record, etc.
4. I DO NOT sell or trade for blanks so don't ask.
5. Traders who contact me first must be willing to ship first.
6. DO NOT lie or withhold information about the quality or the source of the videos (Satellite, vcd, etc.) I am not interested in returning stuff you sent me because you weren't honest or knowledgeable about the stuff you were sending. 7. I reserve the right to cancel any trade if any or all of the above is not met to my satisfaction.

If you agree with all of the above then please contact me with your trade request otherwise please move on. By e-mailing me you are stating that you do not represent or work for the MPAA, Post Office or any Law Enforcement Agency. If you have a list then please send it. If you are not serious about trading then do NOT contact me!

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