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911 CBS documentary. 10/10

Animatrix, The (SVCD) 10/10

Animated Shorts Apokalypse Pooh
Bambi Meets Godzilla
Bring Me the Head of Charlie Brown - Very bloody

Back to the Future Universal Tour Ride 50 minutes! 7.5/10

Band of Brothers Chapters 1-10 10 SVCD Discs. 10/10

Batman Subzero 8.5/10

Batman Dead End + Making of 9/10

Bruce Lee "Green Hornet" Screen Test This is basically a small clip of Bruce Lee auditioning and being interviewed for the "Green Hornet" 5/10

Bree Sharp Music Video The music video is titled "David Duchovny Why Won't You Love Me." This rare version contains cameos from alot of Hollywood's biggest names lip synching the song. Ex. Brad Pitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar, KISS, Whoopi Goldberg, Gillian Anderson, etc.. 7/10

Bruce Campbell Home Video A 40 minute home video of featuring Bruce Campbell at this movie theater candidly discussing the evil dead trilogy with fans and signing autographs. Alot of this footage is now part of the new Book of the Dead DVD. 8/10

Evil Dead 2 DVD Extras Audio commentary with Bruce Campbell, Sam Raimi and Scott Spiegel. Making of featurette. Theatrical trailer. 10/10

Highlander Convention Video 9/10

Howard Stern New Years Rotten Eve Backstage Video See rare footage taken backstage, during and after Howard Stern's New Year's Rotten Eve Show and Party. See girls change in and out of their clothes, do nasty things to each other, etc. 7/10

Howard Stern "Miss Howard Stern Auditions" Very rare look at the girls auditioning on his morning show to be Miss Howard Stern on his New Year's Rotten Eve Show. See girls stripping, playing with each other, nipple painting, etc.. Running time is 96 minutes. 8/10

Nickel Mountain Starring Heather Langenkamp from the Nightmare on Elm Street films. Out of print. 10/10

Blue Desert Very hard to find D.B. Sweeney & Courtney Cox thriller. Out of print. (10/10)

Clive Barker The Art of Horror This contains interviews with Clive Barker and chronicles the many films he has made. (8/10)

Cannibal the Musical Running audio commentary, behind the scenes, outtakes, making of cannibal the musical, trailers, etc. Tbis is packed! 10/10

Don't Look at Me: David Lynch Documentary on David Lynch. 7.5/10

Evil Dead Special Edition Audio Commentary from Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert. Bruce Campbell audio commentary is on a seperate track and behind the scenes footage. (2 Tapes) 10/10

Evil Never Dies 10/10

Halloween Audio Commentary Featuring commentaries from John Carpenter, Jamie Lee Curtis and Debra Hill. This was the only thing missing from the special limited edition dvd release. Very interesting and informative look into the making of the film. 9/10

An Evening with Kevin Smith (VCD) 3 Discs. 9/10

Farscape Creation Entertainment Convention Video 8/10

Fedcon 7 Convention Video Officially released german home video of a large star trek convention held in Germany. Featuring many stars from Star Trek past and present. 3 Hours!! (2 tapes) 9/10

The Fog LD Supplementals This includes a full length audio commentary from John Carpenter and Debra Hill, as well as a ton of different trailers of the film and various outtakes and bloopers during filming. 9/10

Forever Knight Convention video Camcorder footage at a convention featuring Forever Knight stars Nigel Bennet, John Kapelos and Natsuko Ohama. 6.5/10

Highlander "The Celebration" Convention 9/10

Incredibly Strange Film Show Featuring in depth documentaries on David Lynch and Sam Raimi. 7/10

I-Man Scott Bakula. 9/10

Leatherface Dailies Outtakes and more outtakes from the third sequel in this famous horror series (6/10)

The Muppets Star Wars Special (SVCD/VHS) 10/10

The Very Best of the Muppets Show (SVCD/VHS) 10/10

Of Muppets and Men: The Making of the Muppet Show (SVCD/VHS) 10/10

A Nightmare on Elm Street Collector's Ed. The original film plus a ton of deleted/alt. scenes, workprint excerpts, outtakes and more! A must if you are a fan of Wes Craven or A Nightmare on Elm street 10/10

Necromaniac Dailies/Bloopers Rough footage, outtakes and bloopers of an upcoming independent horror/zombie flick. Extremely rare material direct from the production. 9/10

Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD 10/10

Norma Jean & Marilyn Offbeat psychological study of Marilyn Monroe. The two lead actresses, Ashley Judd and Mira Sorvino battle as the alter egos of the screen icon, from childhood to her final days. Hard to find. 10/10

Prince Valiant Out of Print fantasy film starring Katherine Heigl from the WB's Roswell, who portrays a young and beautiful princess with a pension to kick butt. 10/10

Pride 26 8.5/10

Project Alf 10/10

Quantum Leap 1st Annual Convention Almost 4 hours of convention footage featuring the cast, crew and makers of the show answering questions from fans. 7/10

Return to the Batcave 10/10

Salems Lot (2004) 10/10

Star Wars Audition Tape Harrison Ford, William Katt, C. Fisher, Kurt Russel, Amy Irving, Mark Hamill are just some of the many actors that were featured auditioning for the now famous roles we have all grown to know. 6/10

Star Wars Holiday Special A very rare 1978 CBS presentation made by George Lucas and features the cast from the original film. The late Art Carney is also in this as well as the first ever look at Boba Fett in an animated Cartoon. This is the higher quality remastered version with commercials edited out. Star Wars toys commercial is at the beginning. 8/10

Star Tours Ride 8.5/10

Twin Peaks Dailies/Workprint Raw footage from different episodes plus a workprint of season 1 finale. 5/10

Tripplecross A mystery/thriller starring Ashley Laurence of the Hellraiser films. Out of print. 10/10

Tryst Profiler's Jamie Luner stars in this erotic mystery/thriller. Out of Print 10/10

UFC 43 (VCD) 3 Discs. 8.5/10



1. Please only use medium to high quality media.
2. The trade ratio is 1:1 unless I specify differently
3. I DO NOT sell or trade for blanks so don't ask.
4. Traders who contact me first must be willing to send first.
5. DO NOT lie or withhold information about the quality of your videos.
6. Do NOT copy a dvd by playing it in a dvd player and dubbing it thru your dvd recorder. Do it properly by doing a disc to disc copy on your computer.
7. Unless I specifically say so I will not accept incomplete sets/seasons.

If you agree with all of the above then please contact me with your trade request. By e-mailing me you are stating that you do not represent or work for the MPAA, Post Office or any Law Enforcement Agency. If you have a list then please send it. If you are not serious about trading then do NOT contact me!

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